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Read the Interview with Tony Willis on Travel Safety By Editor of Business Travel iQ Amanda Greenwood

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When Tony Willis MSc MBA FCMI  was a Director working in the City of London and travelling extensively on business for many years, he noticed that the majority of people he met had little or no idea on how to ensure their personal safety, security of sensitive documents or confidential items such as laptops. That coupled with many organisations not understanding or implementing simple counter terrorism procedures was the reason he started consulting and running workshops.

Tony has a Masters Degree in Counter Terrorism from UCLAN, is a published author and International speaker. He has over 40 years in the Martial Arts and splits his time working with organisations to ensure help them improve the safety of their employees and teaching at his academy.

Whether it’s handling the daily commute, navigating foreign cities, understanding terrorist activity or simply being aware of potential threats in airports and hotels the training provided along with the tried and tested techniques and tips will help you and your team stay safe when going about your work.

Tony is founder of Be Aware Take Care & 5 Elements Martial Arts. Additionally Tony specialises in weapons defence and has previously held NATO, USAF & Metropolitan Police Security Clearance, is fully insured and has active enhanced DBS. Tony has an MBA and MSc in Counter Terrorism

What clients said following their training

“Recently, Tony Willis was invited to give a conference in our organisation. He presented the concept Be aware – stay safe developed by himself. We discovered a very interesting approach of self-protection and we were amazed by all the good tips and tricks he provided us with. Very useful for all those who are travelling from time to time, whether for professional or personal reasons.”

Birgit Ben Yedder, Admin Asst, The European Commission, Luxembourg

“Business travelling is getting more and more uncomfortable with increased pressures on time and reduced budgets, especially in the big cities like Berlin, London and Paris.  Rushing from one meeting to the next often under significant stress business travellers are especially vulnerable. Advice on how to avoid difficult situations and maintain personal safety in these situations is absolutely essential for today’s business community…”

Hans-Peter Portner, Global Transition & Transformation Manager

“Being a frequent traveller I know the importance of avoiding conflict and Tony Willis has successfully captured the essentials on what to look for and how to act”

Magnus Lundgren, Strategic Sales Director Ericsson

The Tried & Tested 3 Step System to Mastering Safe Travel

Tony uses his Tried and Tested 3 Step System To Mastering Personal Safety as the foundation for the different courses, presentations and workshops offered.

Training is tailored specifically to that particular audience at that time. Although the fundamental principles and foundation remain the same no two courses are likely to be the same as the attendees will be at varying levels of seniority, experience different risk factors and undertake different tasks throughout their day. With that being understood Tony always likes to gain an understanding of both the organisation and the attendees for each element of the training he provides.

There are 3 key product offerings that we have found to be a good framework to build upon.

  • The Workshop going into detail on areas that apply specifically to those attending. – For example specialising on areas that impact that team or attendees in particular such as flying, trains, foreign travel, terrorism awareness, hotel safety, high risk areas or unsociable hours.
  • A key note or conference format of about 1 hour.  – Tailored to the company and audience either through role or level.
  • Annual support programme – Starting with a workshop and then as part of our Mastermind group as well as continual support throughout the year including 1 to 1 support and additional advice and assistance via WhatsApp/Skype/Email including individual tailored advice, Risk Assessments, Risk Planning and guidance.