With the recent terrorist incidents rightly getting huge publicity people have asked me a lot of questions on remaining safe. Although the risk of any incident let alone a terrorist attack is statistically very small there are a few easy tips that can help you manage that risk more effectively.

Don’t forget as business people we are used to identifying, recognising and understanding how to manage risk, so use those business skills to ensure the safety of yourself and your teams when travelling.

  • Plan your trip from end to end

It’s remarkable the difference this simple process can make in reducing your risk profile.
Simply put if the complete journey there and back is planned the time you spend in the unknown is reduced.
For instance, if on your arrival at the destination airport, you are met by a driver and taken to the office or hotel then the less time you spend in a busy public area. There is nothing worse than arriving at a busy destination and not knowing where to get a taxi or train.

Imagine how vulnerable you look arriving at your destination train station in a foreign country, exiting the station and then looking around trying to follow a map or your smartphones satnav.

  • Stay out of busy places

Where there are large groups of people then you are at more risk, it’s that simple.
It doesn’t only have to be a terrorist threat but large groups of people attract pickpockets and other such people as well.

At your departure airport get through security as soon as possible, don’t wait to meet colleagues in the check in area where there are lots of people with large bags. We saw in Brussels how this can be exploited to cause terrible injuries and loss of life.
If you aren’t travelling business then consider purchasing the option to use the business lounge, that’s normally a fairly cheap alternative.

  • Blend in to the local environment

Due to your physical appearance you may not be able to blend in but you cannot change that so just recognise it as a risk.
However even in countries where you stand out there will be others who look like you. You can either look like you are there all the time, adjusted to the environment or look like a one off visitor, the choice is yours.
Simply observe before acting, for example, if everyone is wearing casual clothes and you are in a suit with a shiny Rolex, then that’s not blending in.

  • Follow the advice of the Foreign Office

This is an obvious first step to take as if they are advising against travel to your destination then its normally based on specific intelligence.
Failure to follow this advice may also invalidate any insurance you have, both for health and life insurance.
The travel office regularly update their advice to travellers so at least be aware of what they recommend even if you consciously choose to ignore it. Ignorance is not bliss its active stupidity.

  • Get insured

When people are insured adequately it can change their behaviours.

For instance if someone tries to rob you the sensible thing to do is give up your valuables. After all that wallet they are attempting to take from you only has a couple of bits of plastic and a few hundred pounds in so why would you risk your life to save it.

Insurance can trigger that subconscious switch that simply lets you hand it over and run rather than fight and risk your life.

Remember very little we carry is actually of much value. Even a solid gold Rolex has little value. If you could afford it once you could afford it again and that’s assuming it wasn’t insured.


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Tony works with Business Owners, Executives and their Teams to deliver training packages and presentations that enable them to ensure they and their teams remain safe and achieve their goals. Key individuals are essential assets to the business, its continued growth and success so make sure they understand the principles of self protection.

If your teams travel on business this is essential training

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