Unfortunately while standing at a cashpoint its obvious that you have a card and are probably withdrawing cash. Thats like having a flashing light on your head to inform every low life within 400 meters that you are a possible target.

If attacked or threatened at a cashpoint, one of the advantages of the hole in the wall type machines is they offer you the chance to just leave the card or cash and run. Yes, you will be down a few notes but really it isn’t worth fighting over.

Shoulder surfing and a number of other similar scams have inevitably sprung up to take advantage of these machines and your main defence is to be alert to your surroundings and other people.

If someone talks to you while you are withdrawing cash assume the worst.

If you feel someone is watching or too close, then cancel the transaction make a fuss, moan about the card not working, shake your head and stride off.

People will assume you were refused the cash and simply wait for the next unsuspecting victim.

Its easy to forget the things we do all the time may put us at risk.

I know someone who popped out of the office for lunch and was robbed at a cashpoint. Unfortunately due to injury and the following stress it was weeks before they returned to work.


Tony Willis

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