Course Overview

OK a simple question who out of us has asked their staff to travel either nationally or internationally on business?

Now a follow up question – who offered training on safe travelling? –  What you say, why offer training for something everyone does anyway? – Everyone understands business travel.

Well think for a moment what other activities or work do we ask our teams to undertake on our behalf and just assume that they will manage OK so don’t offer to train them –  Not many is my guess.

Think about it for a second, why should our teams be aware of what we are looking for from them when they travel, why should they know how to avoid incidents and come back safely


to continue their work. Do we insist they look after company property such as a car, laptop, smartphone and yet offer no training on how to do so. Is that data held on those devices either business critical or confidential or is it just inconvenient when its no longer available. What do our insurance companies cover when our staff travel and what training do they request or require us to provide.

All of a sudden the
obvious doesn’t seem quite so clear. After all common sense is only true if its really common. What if someone else’s principles, approach or understanding is different from our own, is that still common. If not then we cant simply ask for common sense to prevail.

Don’t we as employers, managers and Directors have a duty of care to our teams.

It seems that we accept we do in many things but if its something like travel we assume that people will cope and be all right, its something they should already know.

Well I’m not sure that’s advisable. Why not baseline your teams that travel so they all have the same level and basic understanding before they travel. Its simply not good enough in today’s business world to send company emails around saying something along the lines of – Please stop getting your laptops stolen.

Simple straight forward and interesting training is available so lets all accept that not everyone has the same knowledge levels regardless of their ability or seniority within the organisation.

My Training and Workshops are all delivered in an engaging, relaxed and informative style with key messages and principles that anyone can apply to their travel routines immediately.

Essential for Business Travellers and Executive teams

Anyone that your organisation asks to travel as part of their role is inherently of value if not vital to the organisation. If they were not then in the modern workplace of Skype and video conferencing they wouldn’t be travelling. Not only do we have a duty of care to these individuals its in the best interests of the organisation that they arrive back at work safely without incident.

The training and coaching that we offer is fundamental to supporting that approach.

Most people have an understanding of what the term self-defence means, however in our experience the term self protection is less widely understood. Self Protection is a term used where someone pro actively takes precautions, increases their awareness and understanding of risks in both the workplace and general environment in order to avoid confrontation, assault, theft or other undesirable results.

Many of the principles discussed and explained on our courses are very simple to implement and have no adverse impact on someone’s professional and private life, but may have a major affect on their and their companies safety and security.

Tony Willis presenting to a business audience in Luxembourg, Europe

Corporate courses are run in an office environment with Power-point presentations and active discussion from the participants. Attendees are encouraged to discuss how the principles covered apply to their working environment and also their life outside of work. This is a course that actively promotes prevention and safety. The topics covered are simple to implement and cover a wide range of different working environments and practices. Securing both your employees, the company site, company equipment and information could be a very financially rewarding preventative measure.