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bag collection

With many businesses working from home and cities witnessing significantly reduced numbers of commuters its far too easy to forget about the threat of terrorism. Things will open up again but maybe not the same as they were.

However offices, landmarks, crowded spaces and people working in cities will remain targets for terror organisations, especially once things start to reopen.

ISIS is still managing to post videos on public sites such as YouTube and Facebook. The Counter Extremism Project reported that a video covering an ISIS attack on Egyptian forces was on Facebook for 72 hours before it was taken down. While an infamous video on how to manufacture explosives which has been linked to the Manchester Arena Bomber resurfaced online earlier this month.

Before your people return to the office make sure they are reminded of the potential of terrorism. The Counter Terrorism unit have released some great free content (search for ACT) including a phone app that’s available to use.

Of course if you have further concerns then contact myself or one of the other consultants available to help.

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