The missing bag

As we get to the desk we put our laptop bag or briefcase down beside our case and start explaining to the receptionist who webar are.

It’s an everyday occurrence and most of us are fairly relaxed as we are now in a hotel environment, often have travelled for hours and are seeking 10 minutes of comfort and relaxation before a busy work schedule of meetings cuts in.

At that point the laptop bag is picked up and off it goes, not only with your laptop in but also your notes business cards, schedule etc. That might sound far fetched but from personal experience I can say that with a couple of hundred staff travelling this happened quite frequently. Think of the risk to the thief. It’s very limited, if caught they simply apologise saying they thought it was theirs and wander off. Dressed in a suit and talking to the reception desk why should anyone challenge them.

It’s not the cost of the missing laptop it’s the information it holds. Is your company information on there, is it encrypted? Is there key Intellectual Property on the device? Even if there is nothing sensitive or commercially confidential on the laptop or iPad it’s your work, your notes your information. Keeping everything backed up is obviously helpful but remember your notepad and iPad holds your thoughts as well as the files you safely backup.