There are lots of people that could have legitimate access to your hotel room such as housekeeping, security, and maintenance.

If you then add the fact that some people who shouldn’t be able to have access possibly do then you can see that you should control entry. Use a simple door stop or one of the special security devices to make sure your door cannot be opened while you sleep. I recommend 2 different devices and carry both in case the door doesn’t fit one of them. The DoorJammer and the Lifeventure door lock.

Cheri Marchionda was traveling for work, staying at the Embassy Suites, in April 2014 when she was raped and battered in her room for more than two hours by Christopher Lapointe, of New York. Lapointe was given a key to her room by the front desk clerk, even though he didn’t show ID or prove that he was a hotel guest. He then managed to convince hotel staff to disengage the door’s interior security latch by telling them that he had been locked out of the room by his ‘girlfriend’.

Tony Willis

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