TrainWhen looking at safety and security of the teams I work with everyone wants to concentrate on International travel and the associated risks such as discussing female travellers on business in Dubai or the fraud risks in some African and East European countries.

However one thing that the majority of people who work in London come across on a regular basis is the risk of travelling to and from their place of work.

Now here is the thing, because everyone does it day in day out we all assume that its without risk. That is simply not the case, you are at significantly greater risk when relaxed and familiar with your surroundings, your defences are down and on the whole you are either bored or engrossed in your Phone or iPad.

Risks vary from Theft, Terrorism, Fraud and Sexual Assault but simple precautions such as where you sit on a train can impact your personal safety and impact your risk factors.

This week we saw a report from LBC on Sexual Assault on trains and the tube with British Transport Police reporting doubling of sexual offences in the past 5 years. Bearing in mind that, unfortunately, these are only those reported then this shows a serious problem exists, even if to a large extent most of us choose to ignore it.

See the Report from LBC HERE

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