colleagueOne of the questions I am asked a lot is how to look after your partner.

Now this raises a number of questions, firstly why do you think they need looking after or are you overconfident yourself and as a result at more risk than your partner.

Maybe your partner should be looking after you. Maybe your misplaced confidence is whats putting you both at risk. Overconfidence is a huge problem in self-protection.


What has made you think you have the skill, training, aggression, experience, timing and strength to make you feel you are capable of protecting yourself and others. I am always talking about awareness and evaluating risk. Avoiding bad places and situations is key in staying safe.

Understanding risk and how to manage it is by far the best way to keep you and your partner safe. However if all else fails and you have to fight for your life what training and skill do you both have. So, before you ask about looking after your partner make sure you think about risk and your ability.

Yes I teach people how to survive serious confrontation but I also teach a lot more how to understand and manage risk. Avoidance is how the majority of people can survive and unless conflict is your trade I would suggest that is a far better way to proceed.

Tony Willis

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