Road rage is something that can occur all too easily and having some basic training can help to often defuse a situation that could escalate rapidly.

Your reaction could be triggered by our fight or flight response, avoiding confrontation at all cost, or to react with anger matching the level of aggression of the other person or people.

Remember At this stage you have no idea if they are armed, a convicted murderer or a nice grandparent.

The third approach which I believe to be most effective is to be confident but not aggressive, apologise and appease. I and people I have trained have used this on a number of occasions.

Appearing relaxed and confident while apologising and being comfortable with allowing a silent pause can be a powerful tool in managing other peoples level of aggression.

Like everything it isn’t going to work every time so you do need other options but remember that you are in a fairly safe metal and glass box so in this situation don’t get out unless you need to.


Tony Willis

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