There is so much information available today it’s not the lack of information but how to use it effectively that’s the issue.

I like to provide a few sources of information for people to read through before a workshop. It helps give some a chance to read what they think may relate to their lives. They are of course available if they wish to revisit them later and people often ask me questions long after they first attended.

Someone recently asked why they should bring me in to run workshops on how their people can remain safe with so much being common sense and information freely available on platforms such as YouTube.

The problem with information today is not the lack of data, reports, or videos but that there is so much available it’s difficult to know where to start and what’s good or not so good.

I believe learning is about assimilating knowledge in a way that the individual can usefully apply it long after the workshop, allowing people the space to ensure the information means something to them personally. This is very difficult to achieve by reading something online and why I think there will always be space for courses and workshops.