For someone who teaches people to be aware and how to stay safe tragedies like this leave me saddened but also with mixed feelings.

Of course, I believe everyone should have not just the right but the ability to walk alone anywhere at any time. However time and again it has been shown that this is not the case.

Unfortunately I do have concerns that as always some will exploit each tragedy to push their own agenda. Piggybacking onto devastatingly bad news to push their own and sometimes divisive beliefs, politics or cause.

Society wide issues, be that attacks on women, domestic abuse, knife attacks, terrorism or drug problems require society wide solutions and approaches if they are to be improved upon.

From the work I do I can assure you there are good and bad people everywhere you look. Fortunately I believe our society as a whole has far more good than bad and the way to help improve things is to include all of those in working towards everyone’s safety.

Tony Willis

#abuseprevention #society #safety