I see those businesses as 2 sides of the same coin or as someone said opposite ends of the same spectrum.

1 side of the coin is the work I do with businesses, workshops covering awareness, avoiding conflict, and understanding and managing personal risk to stay safe.


The other business is my martial arts academy, this is all about fitness, self defence and training for competition. Both have moved to zoom but personally I can’t wait to get back to meeting people and the interactions that are part of my company workshops.

Zoom is an amazing tool but I love the interaction and level of discussion you get when actually with people face to face. Within the martial arts business the same applies.

Again zoom is incredible but not the same as actually training and coaching people.

I have also missed the buzz of cornering fighters in competition and already have people booked for boxing, MuayThai and MMA bouts.

I realise I am lucky as both have remained successful throughout the past year but what if anything have you missed ?

Tony Willis


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