country risksThat is not of course strictly true, the lawyers may read them after someone makes a claim and your risk, audit or HR dept. may check they exist probably once every year when they do their tick box exercise, they may even check their required headings are there but I bet they do not read them.

There are a couple of reasons that I have noticed come up time again….

* Firstly most are so boring and filled with so many get out clauses they are no use to anyone

* Many risk assessments are written ONLY to cover the company from litigation once the lawyers are involved following a claim

* The information is not relevant, out of date, too general and does not speak to the person who needs it

* No one reads 10 pages of waffle. One I saw was like a booklet – If you think an Exec is going to read that you are deluded

When recently checked at one large organisation not a single person had accessed that section on the server.

Now think back, the original reason was not to tick a box to prevent your organisation being sued following some awful incident affecting one of your staff travelling. The original reason was to take the advice offered by some great organisations to their staff and spread that idea as best practice to everyone.

Now I know that in my time travelling either alone or with other Directors I dont think anyone ever mentioned any training about travel advice, safety, or any kind of risk training. Every now and then a terrible incident either in the organisation or in one that someone knew would be discussed but that is as far as it got.

It should not be like that