Tony Willis

Tony Willis presenting in Luxembourg

I have heard that so many times, from organisations large and small, often said with confidence.

How do you know?

“Well we would know, claims would be made on insurance and I’m sure people would tell us”.


Some of those organisations have then used one of my short questionnaires and often been stunned at the responses.

Theft, assault, robbery, concerns over travel or commute, domestic assault and unwanted sexual attention have all shown up at some time or another.

None of which were previously known about.

That is not too hard to believe, often people feel awkward raising issues with HR or their manager.

They may feel they were at fault, they should have been able to deal with it themselves or they did not want anyone to think they could be ‘that’ problem employee.

In every workshop I have held once someone relates to a situation people start to open up. I have plenty of personal stories that help people discuss their own examples. We always have plenty of examples to work through during the workshops. Once people relate they can understand how to use the tools from the workshop to identify and manage those risks in the future.


Tony Willis

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