Self Defence Courses for The Corporate Environment

Is Self Defence Training Suitable.

While my personal safety workshops centre around awareness and avoiding confrontation, I realise that in some cases and some particular roles there is a need for self defence to be learnt in cases where avoidance is not possible.

Self defence (or self defense depending on UK or US spelling) is what most people who are looking for training on how to keep their employees safe put into search engines. However with many years working in large corporations while also teaching martial arts and self defence I believe that in 90% of cases self defence training is not the right choice. Workshops on how to identify and manage personal safety risks would be a better option. If you are unsure then drop me a message and I will arrange a call for us to discuss your requirements and we can decide from there. To be fully conversant with physical confrontation can take many years and this is why I strongly suggest that unless unavoidable the emphasis should be on awareness training and conflict avoidance rather than physical self defence.

The Training

Self defence techniques have to be simple to be effective and even these simple effective techniques are difficult to employ under the sever stress caused by the natural reaction of fear and the biological consequences of this such as the increase in adrenaline. During the training we will be ensuring that attendees recognise the mental and physical effects stress and fear will have on their ability to remain safe. Over confidence or a false sense of security could be the most dangerous result of attending a self defence course and ensuring this is covered in depth during the course is essential.

There are many self defence courses around but I strongly believe practicality and a sense of realistic expectation must be an integral part of any self defence course.

How and Where the Courses are Taught

The Self defence courses can be taught either in a week long course or for 2 hour sessions over a period of weeks.

My preferred solution for self defence is that this is covered during the week long course as this allows people to fully immerse themselves in the course. Courses are for up to 12 people allowing everyone to get detailed instruction and guidance.

Courses can be held either at your premises or at our Martial Arts centre in Basildon Essex.


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