There are so many reasons that self-defence training is not the right choice for businesses looking to improve the safety of their staff. I am a strong advocate of situational awareness and risk training. This is a story of the exception to the rule.

Situational awareness training and understanding a simple methodology like the 3 step system I teach in workshops is much more likely to be used under stress and whilst in a state of fear and can be used immediately. This is a perfect fit for most businesses to ensure their people remain safe not only at work but to and from their place of work and in their out of work time and activities.

self defence
Despite what some people may tell you about a self defence course, for the majority of people they will never

 be able to use any of that in a life threatening situation. I have taught martial arts and sports such as MuayThai and MMA for over 20 years and know how hard it is for people to be able to effectively use these skills in the street. It takes a lot of training and repetition to be able to fight back under stress situations.

HOWEVER in some cases there is no alternative. The picture shows one of my staff, and myself after a training session teaching at a charity that supports abused women and families. Situational awareness is part of what I teach at these events but sometimes due to the situation there is no choice but to fight back.

In most cases I would say this is not suitable for the majority of businesses but some people need immediate help in handling conflict. The levels of violence some people face on a regular basis would have most people shaking their head in disbelief.

My tip for most is to be aware of what is going on around you. If you dont have a system that enables you to do that easily then learn as soon as you can.

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