Situational awareness is absolutely key for your personal safety.

One of the reasons is that if a physical confrontation occurs its almost impossible to control the level of chaos.

The level of violence, aggression, who becomes involved, how many become involved, the environment and the motives may all be unknown, known or change as the situation develops.

Avoiding that risk is so important. Simply not being there in the 1st place or recognising a risk and stepping away could significantly affect your chances of survival.

My workshops cover personal risk recognition and management rather than self defence as I know it is suitable training for organisations to provide to their people.

I have not posted the video of the incident yesterday in Hyde Park as I’m not sure sharing video footage of someone being stabbed is appropriate here. I have however shared the video of police controlling the aftermath so you can see the numbers of people in the area. (If however you want to see how difficult it would be to defend a serious assault it is available online)

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