spiked drink

Spiked drinks have yet again been in the news. A number of substances can be used so don’t assume that these drugs are not readily available.

Rohypnol, GHB and ketamine are probably the most commonly discussed but other drugs used include hypnotics such as zopiclone or the widely available zolpidem (Ambien), sedatives such as neuroleptics (anti-psychotics), chloral hydrate or some histamine H1 antagonists, commonly found recreational drugs such as ethanol, marijuana, cocaine, and less common anticholinergics, barbiturates and opioids.

The time it takes for the drugs to take effect differs and so does the time they remain active. Rohypnol for example takes about 30 minutes to take effect whereas Ketamine is very fast acting. Depending on the drug and the amount used you might seem drunk which is why people sometimes don’t come to your aid, especially when the person (that kind stranger, but you are now compromised and unable to tell anyone you don’t know them) holding and assisting you says don’t worry they will look after you and get you home or back to your hotel.

Total collapse may not be the desired effect from the attacker. They may prefer a state of relaxed compliance so that suspicion isn’t raised if staff at the venue are not involved. Drugs like this can be easily added to drinks by either the bar staff or someone tampering with a drink.

Open topped drinks are a significant risk area especially when left while you go to the toilet, dancefloor or leave them unattended in any other way. So for instance draft beer in a glass or a glass of wine are easy targets.

Simple tips to avoid issues

Open drinks yourself and make sure they are sealed beforehand.
Don’t accept drinks from other people
Stay with colleagues or friends at all times
Keep your drink with you at all times
Don’t share drinks
Don’t party on punchbowls or group drinks
If someone you don’t trust completely offers to get you a drink go with them
If something tastes salty, very sweet or smells strange then avoid it

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