Spiked drinks are an urban myth I don’t have to be concerned about my staff

As we return to after work and social drinks in crowded places the dangers apply to everyone regardless of status, occupation, or sex. Rohypnol, GHB and ketamine are probably the most commonly discussed but other drugs used include hypnotics as well as sedatives or some commonly found recreational drugs.

Depending on the drug and the amount used you might seem drunk which is why people sometimes don’t come to your aid, especially when the person (that kind stranger, but you are now compromised and unable to tell anyone you don’t know them) holding and assisting you says don’t worry they will look after you and get you home.

These drugs can leave you in a state that leaves you unprotected for a huge range of crimes from pickpocketing, cashpoint theft, through kidnapping to rape.

Total collapse may not be the desired effect from the attacker. They may prefer a state of relaxed compliance so that suspicion isn’t raised if staff at the venue are not involved.

Outsource your abuse prevention training so you can be assured that your staff are safe at all times.

Tony Willis