Airport baggageWhen visiting organisations and running training programmes on how to keep their staff safe as they travel its noticeable that hardly anyone knows these websites exist. Most of the people who arrange the travel know they are there but rarely check them, due mainly to workload and simply just being too busy. Interestingly both are extensively publicised and often get a significant number of hits following a terrorist incident but for most the information and adversaries are never noticed until after an event. It just shows that if the audience is not listening it doesn’t matter how often you broadcast the message.

Surprisingly maybe, both are government websites and are often used by insurance companies as their guide on the validity of travel and personal insurances so if you go against the advice on these sites its quite possible that you will no longer be covered. This is one of the reasons to make sure you understand the rules and the small print of any policies that you may have.

Many of our customers will opt into our risk assessment service where we provide country specific and sometimes city specific risk assessments and reports supporting their HR or Operations policies and helping ensure their duty of care. We can also provide regular updates broadcast via SMS/WhatsApp/email which utilise not only the information from these sites but also specific information on health or virus outbreaks and terrorist incidents.

However at a higher highlight level everyone can access these 2 Sites which provide easily accessible information.

1st the UK Foreign Office Travel Update – Here

2nd the USA State Department Travel Update – Here

Additionally Twitter feeds are provided by both

The Foreign Office Twitter Feed is Here

US State Department is Here

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