Airport baggageIt’s an old saying that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

When I talk to HR or Security Directors and we discuss the safety of the people in the organisation most have something in place.

Depending on the organisation it could be travel safety training, terrorism awareness, kidnap training or abuse support for those working from home.

However very few have it covered end to end and that’s an issue.

Rather than responding after each incident to address that specific event then the next and the one after that why not attempt to provide your people the support they need.

When I was running a fraud and revenue assurance department it soon became apparent quick fixes could cause problems elsewhere. Instead, every attempt was made to look at solving the whole system every time an issue arose.

The same should be done training your people to remain safe. Not only domestic abuse while working from home but ignoring safe travel or terrorism advice until that becomes a problem.

Awareness and personal risk training allows you to support your people through the whole of their day, regardless of where and how they are working, skills that are invaluable today.

Tony Willis