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By the way it’s a long one so grab a coffee or read it on the train.

Business people are great at identifying, evaluating and managing risk. It’s what they do, often, everyday in throughout their careers. Learning how to avoid bad situations is a skill.

One of the senior team at a recent discovery morning asked me why I do what I do. Now that’s not unusual but I like to give an authentic reply not a cliched load of bull and I have found over the years that when working with people that I relate to and “just gel” magic happens. If an organisation is going to work with me for a long period of time then they obviously want to get a feel for the person they are about to work with, dig under the surface, or as a boss I had once from Texas used to say, “what’s under the hood?” If you are after a long-term relationship in business its important that you work with people you get along with and deter or repel those that frankly you don’t want to work with. That of course works both ways and if my style doesn’t suit your organisation and you hate my approach then just say so.

I know it’s fashionable these days to open ones sole especially with the Instagram crowd who by the way impress me no end and always seem to have a fantastic quote to roll out. Alternatively, who hasn’t been inspired by the success stories we hear about. Of people who suffered huge loss/debt/abuse/drug problems etc and turned their life around to become a massive success.

BUT sorry I can’t do that, I had a normal everyday upbringing to a standard middle-class family. I have worked all my life and lived pretty well so I don’t have a huge drama to tell you, but I do have a reason. Why I still work rather than sit on a beach and retire early, why after completing my MBA way back in 95 when no one seemed to have one I recently went back to study an MSc in Counter Terrorism, why I frankly love doing what I do.

I help people stay safe which is huge for them and the company they work for.

Way before I started work I hated bullies and that led me to get involved in martial arts. Luckily for me I have always had fantastic instructors, some of the best in the World who not only taught me to fight but the values associated with great martial arts. Now over 40 years later I have taught everyone from young kids looking to defend themselves through to British, European and World championship competitors to people recovering from cancer and people in their 80’s just trying to keep active. In that time, I specialised in self-defence and teaching everyone from military contractors, doorman and everyday individuals looking to defend themselves.

During much of this time I was also working in senior roles in major corporations mostly based in the City of London but 11 years ago I decided to go with my passion and coach full time. Wow what a milestone, and by the way life is just fantastic, thank you.

Well what the hell does that have to do with our company you may ask. Well what I know about is business and the amount of travelling everyone does, be it the commute to work or international meetings. I remember getting my BA gold card and someone telling me how many hours flight time that translated into.

Unfortunately, bad things sometimes happen to good people and even if you ignore the moral and sometimes legal duty to support your people then often there is a considerably closely related financial incentive.

As soon as I start talking in any organisation I have worked with the stories start flowing, as soon as I mention something that goes wrong there is at least one person who says the magic words of “that happened to me”. Often the senior team within the organisation have had little idea that there were so many issues. Most of the time these are minor issues such as theft, but I have also heard significantly tragic stories often along the lines of don’t you remember that’s why XYZ left.

If you think this does not apply to your organisation, then I can tell you it almost certainly does. I can mention the senior project director punched to the ground and robbed coming back from a supplier meeting, who then took six months out of the business due to stress. That project which was vital for delivering a new product delivered late directly affecting the launch and bottom line of that organisation. The lady who occupied a very senior role but while seconded to an overseas office was sexually assaulted in a lift. About the person who was stalked while commuting which seriously impacted their ability to carry out their work effectively. The senior sales director who had their laptop bag stolen loosing commercially sensitive information. The senior executive kidnapped and taken to various cash points until his card was withheld. The person who while on a celebration drink after work in the city had their drink spiked. Believe me there are hundreds of other examples.

All of these are situations that everyone thinks will either not happen or will not happen to them but believe me they do. Consider these along with the issue of protecting your staff with an understanding of counter terrorism, and there is huge opportunity to help people stay safe.

Just get in touch if you found this interesting and to find out how I can help your organisation By the way if you have any questions or seek advice just drop me a message