Transitions – The Important & Often Missed Critical Element

Transitions are 1 part of the 3 Step System I use in my workshops and cover in my books to ensure peoples safety.

When travelling or simply going through a normal day we may consider risks of each stage and possibly, even how to mitigate them, but then forget the transition from one of these risks to the next. Security professionals are well aware of this, but I find that many business people in my workshops don’t even consider these situations.

Imagine a news clip picturing the bodyguards for the president of the USA. When do they seem most alert? It is that moment when the president leaves a building to get in their car. If you are having trouble imagining this Google, the shooting of President Reagan.

Then consider how similar but relevant types of situations affect you. Is it when you arrive home and stop at your door to sort through your bag to find your keys, is it when you park your car and walk
through the alley to the station or is it as you get off the train and look at your phone or light a cigarette?

Once we start discussing this in the workshops people often bring up lots of situations and examples that have happened to them or their friends.

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