TrainThere is a difference between having a process which ticks all the boxes for insurance and ensuring your people understand how risks may affect them personally.

I can’t imagine any of the Directors or Partners I worked with over the years sitting down and reading a long risk assessment unless that is they were going somewhere featured in the headlines such as Iraq. Risk assessments are too often written and then forgotten, with many never even read, when they should be helpful and the font of knowledge.

Training workshops are on a completely different level helping people relate to, understand and learn how to manage risks.

Europe can seem very safe compared to some places in the world however the annual TESAT report from Europol continues to highlight both Jihadist and right wing terrorism across Europe with France and the UK experiencing the highest number of attacks and arrests followed by Belgium.

Many organisations would not consider an employee on secondment or working at their Paris, Brussels or London office as ‘at risk’ but some level of understanding of possible local tensions and how to ensure they can be as safe as possible would certainly be a good recommendation.

Tony Willis

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