I was pleased, although I’m not sure that is the correct term to use, to see he gave up his watch without a fight. that goes against most peoples instincts but fighting back to save a possession is what gets you killed. The watch was reportedly very expensive but its likely to have been insured anyway.

No possession is worth your life and thats something people always have a problem initially accepting in the workshops I run.

I have seen a lot of criticism online of his wife who ran from the scene of the attack. I think this is misplaced and incorrect. Firstly with a gun at your husbands head most people would panic and run or alternatively freeze, unable to move.

From my point of view if I was in that situation I would want my wife to run to safety. If for some reason they decided to shoot, take a hostage or physical conflict occurred the last thing you want is to have to fight for two. Fighting for your own life is hard enough without having to be concerned for someone else. ( For readers overseas remember in the UK carrying firearms or weapons for self protection is illegal.)

My final thought is that he was setup. It could be that as he walked the street someone sent a message out, it could be the guys walking away on their phones at the start of this video or it could be someone who knew he was going to be there that set him up. This clearly demonstrates that situational awareness and caution over information on your movements should be a priority in prevention.

As it is both him and his wife although probably traumatised and safe and well in a situation that could have been much worse.

This is exactly the sort of situation we cover in workshops. Businesses often think it wont happen or is not important until there is a tragedy. I want to change this and run workshops before attendees tell me how their colleague was raped, drugged, kidnapped, mugged or assaulted.