This distressing video of an Uber-Eats driver being killed in a car jacking in the USA by 2 teen girls shows exactly why you should not risk your life to protect possessions.

I understand why people fight back, its a natural instinctive reaction to someone taking something that is important to you. It could have monetary value, be your means of work or of sentimental value but is it worth a life.

I cover this in every workshop I run and although thankfully I rarely hear of life changing injuries or loss of life the effects can still be significant both physically and mentally.

The impact an assault or theft can have on someone who may just be popping out of the office for lunch can be so significant that it can affect them and the organisation for years.

My advice is to get everything insured and give up any possessions if attacked, robbed or mugged unless your life or the life of another depends on it.

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