Workshops to Help Keep Your People Safe

Personal safety/security workshops

These  workshops provide a simple framework to allow people to identify and manage personal risks that may affect their personal safety and security.

Attendees will work through examples using stories and examples that Tony and that they have experienced to build up a template system that can be used time and again to improve their safety and security.

This is not a boring safety course where people go through the motions to provide a tick for an insurance policy. Workshops will be involved and in a great atmosphere of cooperation and support to ensure everyone gets the advice and guidance to make it the best experience for them and one they can take away and use.

Who Are the Workshops For

The people who typically book the workshops are Human Resources (HR), Security or Facilities Directors who feel concerned that with so many different responsibilities to manage they do not currently have anything in place to ensure the personal safety of staff?

Attendees can be from across the business. Anyone who travels to and from their place of work, on business, works from an office or home or who meets others will find situations and circumstances that apply specifically to them.

Incidents can occur when and where they are least expected and may affect the individual concerned, their family, department and sometimes the effectiveness or reputation of the organisation.

What Do the Workshops Consist Of?

The workshops use a tried and tested 3 step system which provides a template on how to identify and manage risks to their personal safety and security.

Training is tailored specifically to that particular audience at that time. Although the fundamental principles and foundation remain the same no two courses are likely to be the same as the attendees will be at varying levels of seniority, experience different risk factors and undertake different tasks throughout their day.

With that being understood Tony always likes to gain an understanding of both the organisation and the attendees for each element of the training he provides.

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