Tony in the cityWorkshops are effective as they get people talking about the material you are presenting.

I haven’t met anybody who likes being talked at as their preferred learning style.

Even worse is the infamous boring PowerPoint presentation where someone reads off the slides.

Stories not only give people topics and thoughts to discuss they also kick off the persons imagination. They can picture themselves in that situation, how they might feel or react.

They could bring back memories and incidents they have experienced, read about, or seen on TV. I want to be helping people develop skills that last and stay with them not just in the few hours that day but for years to come.

Yes, tools that I provide help but what stops someone putting those aside as they leave and instead embedding them in their lives is that feeling that they matter and are relevant to them personally. Nothing is more important than learning how to stay safe, but many organisations just expect their people to get by.

That is not the best way to ensure your people remain safe at work and throughout their lives. Awareness and basic security training should be provided for everyone.

Tony Willis

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