Your people may still need personal safety training – trust me.

This is what I hear – Most of our people work from home now either in full or a few days a week. The risks we used to be concerned about such as travelling to work, on secondments and hotel stays just no longer seem such an issue.

Lets be clear those risks still exist and nothing your employees do is risk free.

How many of you really know how safe home is for your staff? Just because you have a fantastic home and family does not mean everyone does, but it is an easy trap to fall into.

Who in your organisation is trapped in a violent home? If you answered no one then you are probably wrong. In the past the office may have been their sanctuary.

Personal security and situational awareness training is such a huge benefit to the people you employ. It gives them the tools needed not just in the workplace but to and from work as well as throughout the day.

I am now running actual workshops again, zoom was a godsend but the interaction in a face to face workshop is on a different level. Get in touch if you want your staff to understand situational awareness and personal safety.